Neil Taylor: Is he ‘That Kind’ of Player?

Neil Taylor

Following Neil Taylor’s leg-breaking tackle on Seamus Coleman, Soccer on Sunday examines 5 other times that the “not that kind of player” defence has been used. 

Hitler5. Hitler

“I feel for the boy Hitler. I’ve known the lad for many years, and destroying half of Europe is out of character. He’s not that kind of dictator. I think he’ll be disappointed when he’s had a chance to watch some of the footage back”

Pope Pius XII, 1945


Bin Laden4. Osama Bin Laden

“People are too quick to judge these days. Osama’s one of my best mates. He’s not that kind of homicidal maniac. I once saw him give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a goat. Granted, he beheaded the goat afterwards when it wouldn’t convert to Islam, but still. He’s a lovely guy.”

Cat Stevens, 2001


3. Judas IscariotJudas

“Look, there’s no denying that the boy Judas betrayed me, but go easy on the lad. I’ve known J-Dog for years. He’s not that kind of apostle. I’m sure it’ll all blow over and nobody will remember him for this.”

Jesus Christ, 33 AD


Shipman2. Harold Shipman

“Look, we could all start throwing stones here, but where would that get us? Show me the doctor who hasn’t murdered the odd patient, and I’ll show you a liar. Believe me, Harry’s a sweetheart. He’s not that kind of serial killer.”

Dr Phil, 2000


Bill Cosby1. Bill Cosby

“Bill’s an ‘old school’ pervert. He’ll be disappointed that he’s crossed the line 57 or 58 times, and I’m sure it’s something he’ll want to look at. But I know Bill. He’s not that kind of pervert.”

R Kelly, 2015