The Very Best Football Quotes of 2016

Milner“Now there’s a tasty bit of clunge. The missus won’t thank me for saying, but I’d be up on that in a flash if I was single”

Liverpool defender James Milner on learning that Carol Vorderman had been enlisted for ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’



Vorderman“A tasty bit of what? Clunge? That’s extremely sexist. I’m highly offended”

Carol Vorderman replying to James Milner’s description of her as a ‘tasty bit of clunge’




“I don’t thinkHenderson Milly’s meant anything by it. All he’s done is pay the lass a compliment. I’ll probably get meself in trouble now, but the clunge today seem a little oversensitive, to be fair”

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson responding to Carol Vorderman’s criticism of teammate James Milner’s description of her as a ‘tasty bit of clunge’



Vorderman“These neanderthal footballers need a lesson in how to treat women. I am not a piece of clunge. I am a human being”

Carol Vorderman responding to Jordan Henderson’s description of her as ‘clunge’ during his defence of James Milner against criticism of calling her a ‘tasty bit of clunge’



“I think CaroOwenl will be disappointed when she reads her comments back. She’s been a bit harsh on Hendo and Milly. They’re good lads really. Neither would deliberately set out to offend the clunge, to be fair. Some of their best friends are clunge”

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen responding to Carol Vorderman’s criticism of Jordan Henderson’s defence of James Milner after Milner was criticised by Carol Vorderman for describing her as ‘a tasty bit of clunge’