Revealed: What Mourinho Said to Conte After Chelsea Defeat

Mourinho and Conte

Translated from the Italian spoken between Mourinho and Conte after their clubs clashed at Stamford Bridge. 

Mourinho: Congratulations, you greasy pig dog. Mourinho and Conte

Conte: Excuse me?

Mourinho: You heard me. How dare you rub my face in it, in front of all my little Josémaniacs. If there wasn’t a camera on us, I’d stick my arm up your hole and pull your heart out through your arse.

Conte: I’d like to see you try that.

Mourinho: Wait here, I’ll find some lube. And tell that Hazard pox bottle that I’m going to smash his head in with a crowbar.


ConteConte insists that he did not take his UTD counterpart’s threats seriously.

“Mr Mourinho has just lost a big game,” the Chelsea manager told Soccer on Sunday. “It is normal to say you will tear a rival’s heart out through their arse, or some other hole. Emotions are high. This is football.”



Mourinho himself similarly downplayed the incident.

“We have lost three points,” he told Soccer on Sunday. “Who threatened to pull whose heart out of which hole, is between myself and Antonio.”